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The Faith Lehane Files 4/4

Finishing up my gallop through the life of Faith Lehane, as seen through other people's documentation. These last two pieces take Faith beyond canon, into the Rulesverse future I have imagined for her, and into a relationship with Giles. It's not a particularly simple future, but it's a lot better than her past.

Title The Faith Lehane Files 4: the years of freedom
Author Brutti ma buoni
Rating PG
Setting Post-series: in the Rulesverse

Slayer Council Aptitude Assessment

Faith Lehane
Status Senior Slayer: pre-Choosing calling. A précis of her early career held on file at FML/01/PERS/01
Key notes: never, ever joke about her initials.
Date: January 2006
Reason for evaluation: Requested return to field assignment
Evaluated by: Panel B

Faith has been core to the development of the post-Sunnydale Council. Not only was she part of the closing of the Hellmouth, she has consistently supported new initiatives in Slayer training and organisation. Specifically:

2003-05 Faith trained four intakes of junior Slayers with strong results. Some issues with the latest trainees (see Drury, Briana), now resolved. A good teacher, overall and able to bring out the best in some of our more challenging recruits.

2003-04 Faith combined her trainer duties with developing the infrastructure of the Council’s South American operations. Diplomatic engagement with demons was a challenging aspect of this, and she requested removal from demon liaison roles, with full Council agreement. Overall, however, a successful posting with good tactical and negotiating skills displayed.

Overall: Physical assessment remains very strong. Leadership qualities are growing, though she lacks self-confidence in imposing her views on others. Good trainers with strong field experience should be at the top of the list of potential squad leaders.

Unquestionably suited to the field. If she wants to return and there is a suitable vacancy, she should become a squad leader as soon as possible. She will undoubtedly be an asset to the Council in this role, and there is no sense in restricting her to central

On a personal note, I would request that in future, I do not have to sign off Ms Lehane's field assignments. It feels inappropriate.

R. Giles


Rupert Giles, in attempting to compose his own wedding speech
November 2006

I had hoped that we could avoid the formalities. We did, after all, go behind your backs when we got married. We have been a couple for quite some time, and in the circumstances of the tragedy in Ulan Bator, we felt that a small ceremony was by far the most appropriate way forward. But Buffy has [inserted] kindly [/end insert] insisted on throwing us a party to celebrate. And inviting you all. So, a speech is required.

Firstly, I must thank Buffy and my other Council colleagues for all your generosity and good wishes. We have been very touched to have your blessing.

But I believe any groom's principal duty in his speech is to pay tribute to his bride. I have here a job which is both simple and complex. I can talk about Faith's good points for hours [pause for laughter. Briefly.] But you all know Faith. You know she's strong, and brave and beautiful. [Include if need be: And even though she has chosen not to wear something traditional,] I'm sure you will all agree that she looks exceptionally lovely tonight.

I have known Faith for many years. Since she was 18, in fact. And I was 42, as you well know, and there's really no need for me to rub that in, is there?

I struggled with writing this speech. At first, I didn’t know why. Then I assumed I was displaying an unfortunate level of Britishness. But in the end, I realised that you don’t need me to tell you about Faith. She’s more than capable of defining herself.

And that, I believe, is why I love her. If you’ll forgive me the sentimental moment.
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