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Sign ups are officially closed. However since we have 21 days that are still open, if there are any members who would like to do something for those days, please let me know. Since I'd rather see a full calendar, if someone's signed up for another day and would like to do a picspam or a fic rec (minimum of five fics per fic rec), please let me know.

Posting Guidelines:

01. All media should be posted underneath a LJ-cut. Headers can be posted outside of the cut.

02. I would prefer it if members can post their contributions directly to the community, so that it will remain available to everyone long after the first round has closed.

03. When posting, please ensure that your post is accurately labeled with ratings and appropriate warnings. As well, please indicate what type of media you are posting (i.e. fanfiction, fanart, fanvideo.)

04. The media that you submit must focus on a Faith Lehane or a Faith-centric relationship. For example, a fanvideo about Faith/Angel is acceptable, whereas a fanvideo about Angel is not.

Other than that have fun and be sure to leave feedback.
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