January 20th, 2013

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Fic: How Faith Defines a Hero

Title:  How Faith Defines a Hero

Author:  crayonbreakygal

Fandom:  Angel/Buffy

Rating:  G

Pairings:  Slight Faith/Xander

Summary:  Faith has an epiphany while she waits.

Author notes:  This is fo winter_of_faith ficathon.  It takes place any time after season five of Angel.  I barely made it under the wire getting this on here!  Yay for me.  So no beta.  Just a little drabble I've been working on for weeks.  As always, I have trouble posting.  Not computer savvy.  Here it is.  Enjoy!

Heroes.  Whoever invented that word was crazy.  Or full of it.  Probably both.

Who would want to be one?  Why would you want to be one?  How on earth could you ever figure out how to be one?

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