Fic: A Little Less Alone, Part 1 (Faith, Buffy; post-series)

Title: A Little Less Alone
Author: snickfic
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing/Characters: Faith Lehane, Buffy Summers
Rating: PG-13 for Faith's mouth
Word Count: ~1000 words

A/N: This is the first part of what I'm envisioning will be a 4-5k word story. The rest will be posted at my journal when I finish it, and I'll also come back here and post a link to the next part.


Faith opened her apartment door, and there stood Buffy under the flickering hall lights, a duffel over one shoulder.

“You’re in Rome,” Faith said.

Buffy rolled her gaze around the doorframe and back at Faith.

“Nobody said you were coming.” And damn Robin, damn him to fucking hell for leaving her out of the loop. Again. Call him a Watcher and suddenly he was one, all regulations and need-to-know.

Buffy shifted her duffel and peered past Faith into the room beyond. “Kind of didn’t want to have this conversation in the hall.”

Silent, Faith stepped aside. So she wasn’t the best student; a few things still stuck. Even after all those years without a threshold to call her own, she remembered about invitations after dark.

Not that she wouldn’t have loved the brawl if Buffy were a vamp. It was almost a disappointment to watch Buffy take that one small step. And then Buffy was standing in Faith’s living room, which was another kind of letdown. Buffy cast an eye over all the ceiling cracks and cockroach legs Faith’s personal shithole had to offer, which was plenty.

“Yeah, I know,” Faith said. “Spartan.”

For a moment Buffy just stared at her, pretty little brow wrinkled, and then she responded with some sad pale ghost of a smile.

Faith had seen that smile on her before, when she first got back to Sunnydale. It said: It’s hopeless, but don’t tell anyone. It said: I have to do this, but I can’t.

But hell if Faith knew what ‘this’ was that had Buffy looking like her own personal sunshine had gone dark, and hell if Faith was going to ask.

“So,” she said, after the moment stretched out thin enough to go ‘twang.’ “A conversation, you said.”

“Yeah.” Buffy took a moment to examine the ceiling again. Faith could have told her there were no answers written there. Finally, eyes still not quite meeting Faith’s, Buffy said, “I hear you guys have a Shevlok problem.”

“Uh huh,” Faith said. “Look, guess you missed the memo, B, but there’s no ‘us guys.’ There’s Robin and his Slayer crew, and there’s me. I don’t have a Shevlock problem – whatever the fuck that is – and if they do, they’re not saying.”

“Oh.” Buffy made a face. “Well, this is awkward.”

“I’m sure they’d love it if the real Slayer came in and showed ‘em how it was done, though.” Faith gestured towards the door.

But Buffy didn’t make a move to go. If anything, she looked more lost than she had a moment ago, which was a trick considering the size of Faith’s living room. “Do you have any other demon problems?”

Faith shrugged. “Things get too big, I sic the Robin squad on them.” Which she’d done exactly twice since the explosion and the move-out. Like she was going to tell Robin about her screw-ups. “You come all the way from France to kill a couple of demons?” she asked.

“Shevloks are bad business,” Buffy said. “Bad.”

“Bullshit,” Faith said. Buffy puffed up to argue and opened her mouth. Faith cut her off. “So maybe the demons are bad. Doesn’t explain you standing here in my dump.”

In the pause, while Buffy’s mouth worked, Faith eased onto the balls of her feet, hands loose. Ready, supposing Buffy answered with her fists.

But she didn’t. She rolled her eyes and said, “Listen, is it okay if I crash here a couple of days? I need to talk to Robin, I guess. Check in.”

“What, and miss the fun of bunking in Slayer Central?”

“I’ve been bunking in Slayer Central,” Buffy said, with more fire than she’d said anything so far. “Would rather something a little less, um...”


“I was gonna go with giggly, but yeah.”

Just what she’d always wanted: Buffy haunting her on her own turf and breathing down her neck.

Then again, here was Buffy, begging sanctuary. Yeah, okay, that was pretty much what she’d always wanted.

Say no? Make her work for it? But Buffy was watching her like it meant more than just a straight six-hours’ sleep without pillow fights or cat squawls. Like it mattered. And that didn’t feel right at all. “Sure. Whatever.”


She crossed into the kitchen, and Buffy followed. “So there’s coffee in the can there,” Faith said. Instant, but Queen B could damn well drink it and like it, or else fund her own caffeine. “Some food in the fridge. Little sparse. Haven’t had time to push a grocery cart lately, you know what I’m saying?”

“I wish I could cook,” Buffy said.

Okay, not the direction Faith expected this to go. “What for?”

“I never figured it out. I was supposed to feed Dawn, and instead I brought burgers that weren’t even made of meat.”

“I’ve survived. Anyway, life ain’t over yet.”

“Yeah.” And there was that lost look again – in the kitchen, this time, which was even smaller than the living room.

It was giving Faith the chills. “Uh, so there’s the bed or the couch. I guess the bed’s for the guest, right?” And this kept getting weirder.

“But the couch is for moochers,” Buffy said, wandering back into the living room and dropping her duffel on Faith’s next-to-the-dumpster find. “I’m good. I mean, you didn’t even know I was coming.”

“Yeah, well, I ain’t exactly been in the loop lately. I guess Robin’s waiting for you.”

“No.” Buffy was rifling through her duffel for no reason apparent to Faith. “I didn’t tell anyone I was coming. Except, you know, Dawn.”

“Right.” Okay, fuck this awkward shit. “Listen, I’m gonna go find something to kill. You coming?”

Buffy tossed the duffel back on the couch. “Wouldn’t miss it.”

So some things were still the same, anyway.

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I would like nothing more than for Faith and Buffy to become friends. Make it happen, girl!
They have a lot in common and both of them could really use a close friend.
I'll do what I can! I thought I had the fic all planned out, but it didn't come as fast as I thought it would. So there should be more soonish.

I'm glad you enjoyed. :)
Post-Chosen Faith & Buffy is endlessly fascinating. So much in common, so determined not to admit it. More pls?
They do have so much in common and so much to offer each other as bestest buds, if only they can work through some of that bad history.

More... eventually? I think I know where it's going, but I need to get back in the right state of mind, and I think it's going to take me a bit.
Oooh. All mysterious 'n' stuff. I get the feeling that Faith will get more info when they are out in the fresh air, swinging fists and blades. Whee!

I liked Buffy calling herself a moocher, and also Faith implying that Rome is in France. (Would a nice Catholic girl do that, though?) I'm looking forward to more.
Yay, I'm glad you enjoyed! I think all that violence will be good for the conversation - revelations are so much less awkward when you're hitting things at the same time, y'know?

Would a nice Catholic girl do that, though?

Well, just because she's from Boston doesn't mean she's Catholic, right? Do we have evidence in canon that she is?

I'm glad you're enjoying. :)
I'm glad you like! It's going to take a bit of work to write the rest, but I have high hopes.
Hooray! It feels like it might be a bit yet before I get back to this, but I have a pretty good idea where it goes (I hope). Glad you enjoyed. :)
Please tell me there is a second part!?!

IDK where this treasure has been but this was just what I needed from these two without knowing I needed it.

You've got Faith down pat and Buffy too. I really hope they become friends. And last couple lines? GOLDEN
I am so glad you liked it! I love these two together and I so want them to be BFFs after the series is over.

There isn't a second part yet, but it so happens I'm probably posting it for this years Winter of Faith session. My day is December 3rd, so check back then. :)
LOL. Have just spent however long it's been since I commented here, stanning your LJ. Am tickled by your reactions to TVD so far, and I will be returning to your fic masterlist!

Am so glad to hear that this fic shall be continued (original reason I trawled your LJ)! This is totally going in my mems. xx Dulce
Glad you're enjoying the tour! I'm tickled by my reactions to TVD, too. I rather feel that in LJ-land, a person watching TV is a spectator sport for everyone else. *g*

Keep your fingers crossed for this next (possibly last) part to the fic. I've already got a few hundred words written, so here's hoping they keep coming.