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2011-2012 Official Dates

The sign up post will be going up shortly, however here is the calendar for the 2011-2012 round.

Official Dates:

Thursday December 01st: aaronlisa
Friday December 02nd: n/a
Saturday December 03rd: n/a
Sunday December 04th: snickfic
Monday December 05th: n/a
Tuesday December 06th: n/a
Wednesday December 07th: aaronlisa
Thursday December 08th:
Friday December 09th: dulcedeusex
Saturday December 10th: telaryn
Sunday December 11th:
Monday December 12th: cmk418
Tuesday December 13th:
Wednesday December 14th: telaryn
Thursday December 15th: telaryn
Friday December 16th:
Saturday December 17th:
Sunday December 18th: mizzy2k
Monday December 19th: kwritten
Tuesday December 20th: telaryn
Wednesday December 21st: beer_good_foamy
Thursday December 22nd:
Friday December 23rd:
Saturday December 24th: closed
Sunday December 25th: closed
Monday December 26th:
Tuesday December 27th: ladyoneill
Wednesday December 28th: snowpuppies
Thursday December 29th:
Friday December 30th:
Saturday December 31st closed

Sunday January 01st: closed
Monday January 02nd:
Tuesday January 03rd:
Wednesday January 04th: brutti_ma_buoni
Thursday January 05th:
Friday January 06th:
Saturday January 07th: tiny_white_hats
Sunday January 08th: dulcedeusex
Monday January 09th: whiskyinmind
Tuesday January 10th: mis_deed
Wednesday January 11th: brutti_ma_buoni
Thursday January 12th: pirateveronica
Friday January 13th:
Saturday January 14th:
Sunday January 15th: consumedly
Monday January 16th:
Tuesday January 17th: brutti_ma_buoni
Wednesday January 18th: mizzy2k
Thursday January 19th: rebcake
Friday January 20th:
Saturday January 21st: cmk418
Sunday January 22nd: dulcedeusex
Monday January 23rd: eurydice72
Tuesday January 24th:
Wednesday January 25th: brutti_ma_buoni
Thursday January 26th:
Friday January 27th:
Saturday January 28th:
Sunday January 29th: consumedly
Monday January 30th: lettered
Tuesday January 31st: aaronlisa

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