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Winter of Faith

Five by Five

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Winter of Faith
Welcome to winter_of_faith a seasonal celebration of Faith Lehane.

winter_of_faith is to celebrate Faith Lehane from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Everyone's favourite bad girl of a Slayer!

winter_of_faith is a seasonal community and it does have a few rules.
01. In order to participate, you must sign up for a minimum of one day. You may sign up for more than one day, please refer to the current sign up post for more details.

02. This community is for posting new fanart, fanfiction, essays and fanvids created specifically with this community in mind. We do not allow picspams, rec lists or fanmixes. Please feel free to check out our posting guidelines for further clarifications.

03. The media that you submit must focus on a Faith Lehane or a Faith-centric relationship. For example, a fanvideo about Faith/Angel is acceptable, whereas a fanvideo about Angel is not.

04. We do not accept media focusing on Eliza Dushku.

05. When posting, please ensure that your post is accurately labeled with ratings and appropriate warnings. As well, please indicate what type of media you are posting (i.e. fanfiction, fanart, fanvideo.)

06. If you feel the need or pressure to drop out, please give the mods as much advance warning as possible. Do not wait til the last minute if you feel that you will be unable to fulfill your commitment to the community. The earlier you notify the mods, the better chances we will have to fill your spot with someone else.

08. Please leave feedback for the participants and please pimp the community to ensure that winter_of_faith enjoys a successfull Winter 2011-2012.

2010-11 Sign Ups: November 11th - December 07th.
2010-11 Postings: December 1st - January 31st.

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